Status Labs: Where We Are Today

One year ago the Status Labs team collectively took our first of many steps toward actively improving our company and its operations and pursuing our professional ambitions together under the leadership of our President, Darius Fisher. Today, our team of 25 has grown into a talented and tight-knit group of 35 SEO experts, social [...]

Status Labs: Where We Are Today2021-05-18T13:41:16-05:00

Defining SEO and its best practices

by Melissa Bailey, Content Creation Specialist Every day the market is flooded with new apps. What is your process for choosing one? Do you prefer word of mouth? Do you trust reviews on social media? Perhaps you randomly pick from the top three results from an online search. If your method is the latter, [...]

Defining SEO and its best practices2021-05-18T08:03:44-05:00

Joining the Real-World 101

3 Tips to Prepare Your Online Reputation Before Your Post-College Job Search by Steven Skrzypek, Content Creation Specialist   For college students, spring is a busy time. Schedules are filled with midterms, spring break plans, and no shortage of warm weather distractions. For graduating seniors springtime brings a particular stressor. As the realization that entering [...]

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You’re not Beyoncé: Failing to manage your reputation could cost you your job

One of the less redeeming characteristics of the general population is that we’re relatively gullible-- constantly taking things at face value and believing its truth too quickly. For example, there are always posts on Facebook that have headlines like: “Beyoncé wants this picture off the internet. See it. Share it.” And I’m like: “Wow, [...]

You’re not Beyoncé: Failing to manage your reputation could cost you your job2019-09-06T13:12:15-05:00