Reputation Winners and Losers: 7/20/20-7/26/20

It's hard to believe the world we live in now compared to only a few months ago. While everyone is racing towards a return to normal, let's face it, some things are permanently changed. The new reality is that your reputation is more important than ever. While everyone is hunkering down, internet usage [...]

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Reputation Winners and Losers: 7/12/2020 – 7/19/2020

News travels fast in 2020. You might even say that it doesn't travel it all but, rather, teleports to your laptop, phone, or tablet. Think about this: there are nearly 6,000 tweets per second – which rounds out to nearly 500 million per day and 200 billion per year. Many of these tweets, for [...]

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Reputation Winners and Losers: Week of 7/5/20-7/12/20

The stakes are high in 2020 and a public faux pas can spell the end to a reputation nearly the moment after you press send. News travels nearly instantaneously and one high-profile mistake can open the flood gates permanently. The internet is often unforgiving, and even more-so, it never forgets. Long forgotten tweets or [...]

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Reputation Winners and Losers: Week of 6/28-7/4

2020 will be remembered as a year where leaders either foiled or rose to the occasion. The global pandemic, and simultaneously the demand for equality and social justice, has created a constant stream of incalculably important decisions. History will remember who stepped up and who failed during the course of it all, and reputations [...]

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