How a Bad Coronavirus Response to Your Customers and Employees Can Affect Your Reputation and What You Need to Do

When a crisis occurs, in this case the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s critical to remember that your brand needs to manage through the crisis. While people are still figuring out how to cure, and stop the spread, of the Coronavirus it’s important  to support those on the front lines. Further, this is the time to [...]

How a Bad Coronavirus Response to Your Customers and Employees Can Affect Your Reputation and What You Need to Do2020-11-13T18:14:19-05:00

Status Labs Attends PRSA Conference

9 Takeaways from #PRSAICON This week the Status Labs’ PR team attended #PRSAICON - the 2018 International Conference of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). Fittingly, the theme this year was Communications Convergence, and boy was it! Gathered together in the backyard of our headquarters in Austin, Texas, communications pros from all [...]

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Here’s How Adidas Should Handle Its PR Crisis

By Laura Jaffee, Director of Business Development at Status Labs By now, you’ve heard that US prosecutors charged 10 people, including Adidas’ director of global sports marketing, James Gatto, with bribery, wire fraud, and conspiracy in connection with college recruiting. Allegedly, Gatto used hundreds of thousands of Adidas money to bribe elite high school athletes [...]

Here’s How Adidas Should Handle Its PR Crisis2019-11-21T16:24:54-05:00

New London Office!

Continued growth fuels expansion  This year growth seems to be a theme yet again. We’ve opened an office in Los Angeles, expanded our team of diverse professionals, undertaken internal challenges to help employees grow both professionally and personally, and earned our place on the Inc. 5000 list for the second consecutive year! We have [...]

New London Office!2019-11-21T16:24:42-05:00

Plan for the Worst

“Every business will face some sort of crisis in its lifetime, but most never put much thought into preparing for one.” – Darius Fisher Status Labs is excited to announce that our CEO, Darius Fisher, was asked to give his expert commentary in PR News’ 9th Edition of Book of Crisis Management Strategies & Tactics. The guidebook, [...]

Plan for the Worst2019-11-21T16:27:10-05:00

The Definitive Guide for Responding to a Trump Tweet

Crisis communications and PR have never been more ever-changing. These days we receive a lot of questions from clients and business owners curious about what to do if they are ever the subject of a tweet from President Trump. So we got our reputation experts together to create a guide aimed to help companies prepare their responses, while [...]

The Definitive Guide for Responding to a Trump Tweet2019-09-12T11:35:56-05:00

6 Reputation-Saving Steps PwC Must Take After the Oscars

It is being called the “worst flub in Oscar history.” Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway mistakenly announced the winner of this year’s Best Picture Award to be “La La Land”, when in reality the winner was “Moonlight”. “There’s a mistake. ‘Moonlight,’ you guys won best picture,” exclaimed La La Land’s producer, Jordan Horowitz, as he graciously [...]

6 Reputation-Saving Steps PwC Must Take After the Oscars2018-08-14T20:03:09-05:00

A note on DMCA takedowns

On July 28, 2016, we learned about a report on WebActivism on a reputation management strategy involving fake DMCA takedown requests. The group identified over 5000 counts of fake DMCA reports filed. The twist of this new strategy is that some reputation management or law firm has created fake news websites who claim to hold the copyright [...]

A note on DMCA takedowns2019-09-06T13:20:51-05:00

Status Labs: Where We Are Today

One year ago the Status Labs team collectively took our first of many steps toward actively improving our company and its operations and pursuing our professional ambitions together under the leadership of our President, Darius Fisher. Today, our team of 25 has grown into a talented and tight-knit group of 35 SEO experts, social media [...]

Status Labs: Where We Are Today2018-08-12T02:25:57-05:00

Defining SEO and its best practices

by Melissa Bailey, Content Creation Specialist Every day the market is flooded with new apps. What is your process for choosing one? Do you prefer word of mouth? Do you trust reviews on social media? Perhaps you randomly pick from the top three results from an online search. If your method is the latter, [...]

Defining SEO and its best practices2020-04-16T19:25:08-05:00