77 Online Reputation Statistics for 2021

As the number of people online grows, the impact of the digital world does as well. Not only does our online presence have bearing on our “real world” presence but, more and more, our online reputation precedes us. With more people logging on by the second, having a handle on the digital world is [...]

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Common SEO Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

If there is one tactic for building your business you cannot live without, it is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO brings your business straight to the top, literally. Through tracking key elements such as buzzwords, SEO works to increase your standing when it comes to search engines. It works toward pulling the content you [...]

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Writing Engaging Content For All Audiences

CONTACT STATUS LABS FOR A FREE CONSULATION Anyone can write content promoting their business, but more often than not, the content doesn’t resonate with prospects. It might seem fine on paper to you, but the reader’s interest is the only thing that matters. Finding the right words to encompass your business can be tricky. [...]

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Creating a Content Marketing Strategy to Fit Your Business

These days everything is posted online. It is easy to find out who is the best of the best in any field, whether it be by scoping out Instagram photos or reading business reviews by credited journalists. With everything being online, it is only reasonable that someone somewhere has looked into your business’ online [...]

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Burying Negative Search Results

CONTACT US FOR A FREE QUOTE Did you Google yourself or your business recently and find the front page of Google filled with unfair, falsified or negative search results? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, nearly have of adults in the United States say the results aren’t positive when the Google themselves. In [...]

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Removing Negative Reviews on Google

Don’t Believe Companies That Guarantee They Can “Delete Negative Search Results." You’ve done your homework. You’ve thoroughly researched your online image and taken all of the fundamental steps to maintaining, grooming, and improving your company’s online reputation.  Reluctantly, you’ve even swallowed the bitter pills that are negative reviews (even if you didn’t agree) and [...]

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Defining SEO and its best practices

by Melissa Bailey, Content Creation Specialist Every day the market is flooded with new apps. What is your process for choosing one? Do you prefer word of mouth? Do you trust reviews on social media? Perhaps you randomly pick from the top three results from an online search. If your method is the latter, [...]

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