3 Tips to Gain Positive Reviews for your Business

Providing a great service can be a thankless job.  In this age of super-connectedness we’re living in, a lack of praise can do more than hurt your feelings– it can affect your business’s bottom line.  Consumers doubt a business’s credibility when it lacks an online presence and positive comments on social media and review sites can make the difference between gaining a new customer or losing one to the competition.  Encouraging clients to positively review your business is the easiest way to improve your company’s online reputation. Here are three ways to make it simple.

1. Stay Active on Social Media

If your business isn’t present online, why should your customers be?   The best way to get noticed on social media is to be involved.  Post about your products, services, and promotions to give current and future customers a reason to visit your page. By opening up the channels of communication, your audience is more likely to speak up.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask

There’s no shame in the game.  If you feel you’ve had a positive interaction with a client, straight up ask them to consider leaving a review, check-in, or to simply follow your social media accounts.  A follow may not be as valuable as a review, but it makes it more likely for them to voice their opinion in the future.

3. Offer some incentives

I used to frequent an establishment that would randomly offer a free drink to the first 5 patrons to comment on a Facebook post.  Being one of five people receiving that prize wasn’t just exciting; it kept me and my friends coming back.  We would check the business’s social media site daily, and at the sight of one of these elusive posts we’d be drawn in on an otherwise slow night and happily bought a second drink (and maybe a third… or fourth) after we enjoyed our free one.  This is just one of many ways you can offer your customers incentives for positive feedback.  Take account of your resources and your customers’ wants and create something unique your followers won’t forget.

If you find yourself struggling to keep up, want to learn more about effective social media strategies for attracting more customers, or had a social media meltdown, relax!  We can help.  Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help you improve your online reputation.

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