Strategic Advisory

Problem Solvers, Not Solution Sellers

With mainstream media coverage becoming increasingly negative and erratic, coupled with the proliferation of technology and social media, comprehensive reputation management is essential.

In this new reality, clients want their problems solved, not to be sold on smoke-and-mirror offerings and playbook campaigns. This requires a different type of advisory firm – one that is smart, modern, agile, and personal.

The combination of Digital Reputation Management and Strategic Advisory is an unparalleled, powerful offering that enables us to provide real solutions to real problems.

A Different Kind Of Partnership

Our Strategic Advisory business provides clients with experienced-based, bespoke counsel to solve the daily challenges facing corporations, executive teams, government officials and high-profile individuals, and effectively protect their reputations.

We form intimate partnerships with our clients and immerse ourselves in their situations to gain an in-depth understanding of their specific needs and objectives. We guide and coach our clients through any situation, providing tailored advice and quantifiable solutions by leveraging our expertise, connections, and insight.

Our integrated offering brings together the disciplines of online reputation management, SEO, digital marketing, corporate strategy, strategic communications, crisis management, and investor & financial relations.

C-Suite Consultation

  • - Executive Coaching
  • - Succession Planning
  • - Legacy Building
  • - Board Presentation

Strategic Communications

  • - High Impact Media Relations
  • - Corporate Narratives / Message Mapping
  • - Shareholder Communications
  • - Infrastructure Development

Crisis Management and Reputation Protection

  • - Issues Management
  • - Litigation
  • - Regulatory Actions
  • - Leadership Transitions
  • - Bankruptcy
  • - Competitor Campaign Defense

Investor and Financial Relations

  • - Shareholder Activism Defense
  • - Quarterly Earnings Counsel
  • - Investor Collateral Audit
  • - Financial Media
  • - M&A / Transactional Counsel
  • - Corporate Governance Guidance