How We Are Supporting Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has been on everyone’s minds, with the entire world watching in horror as we see it unfold in real-time online and on social media platforms. As a company, Status Labs wants to do its part to support the people of Ukraine.

“While it has been heartbreaking to watch this horrible war, it has been encouraging to see the world unite around Ukraine,” CEO Darius Fisher said recently in an internal address to the company. “This is a difficult, horrible situation. But there are things we can do, so we should do something. As a company, it’s vital that we take a stand with Ukraine. Together, we as a company can do more than any of us can do individually.”

In response to this devastating war, we as a company are contributing to humanitarian aid organizations to provide support “directly to the people of Ukraine, as well as the refugees that this war is creating,” Fisher said.

The organizations we have contributed to are the International Committee for the Red Cross and UNICEF. The ICRC is providing food and water to public shelters, as well as expanding support of health facilities in Ukraine. The ICRC has been helping people affected by conflict in Ukraine for nearly 8 years, and continued support will ensure that they have an even greater impact during this time of crisis.

UNICEF’s response teams have also been working in Ukraine over the last 8 years, providing humanitarian aid and support to impacted communities. Their work has been vital throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and now more than ever they require support to expand their work to the areas hardest hit by the war with Russia.

“It’s a small thing to do,” Fisher concluded. “But anything we can do to help is important. There is hope that we can make a difference and impact the world in a positive way. We’re going to do everything we can to stay on the right side of history with this war and help the people of Ukraine.”

To learn more about the organizations you can contribute to in order to support Ukraine, read here.

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