Plan for the Worst

“Every business will face some sort of crisis in its lifetime, but most never put much thought into preparing for one.” – Darius Fisher

Status Labs is excited to announce that our CEO, Darius Fisher, was asked to give his expert commentary in PR News’ 9th Edition of Book of Crisis Management Strategies & Tactics. The guidebook, which contains insights from many credible crisis experts, was published to help communications professionals create effective crisis management plans and strategies.

The guidebook highlights expert advice and case studies ranging from Chipotle’s E. Coli crisis and British Airways’ shutdown, to Wells Fargo’s corporate scandal. Darius gives his commentary in Chapter 5, “The Crisis Plan,” in which he explains, “Whether or not the crisis was your fault, it is important to reflect upon what you can do in the future to ensure that this does not happen again. Your customers might forgive but they will never forget, and a second crisis could put you out of business.”

One of the biggest takeaways from the guidebook is that whether a company’s crisis is self-inflicted or not, the manner in which a company responds to the press and its customers is crucial to its reputation, value, and more. As unpleasant as it may be to prepare for these situations, creating an action plan for dealing with crisis is one of the most important things that communications professionals and companies as a whole can do to ensure their reputation and long-term viability.

Get a copy of PR News’ Book of Crisis Management Strategies & Tactics here.

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