by Steven Skrzypek, Content Creation Specialist


During all the phone calls I’ve made to my family and friends this holiday season I’ve been reminded of three things, my family and friends miss me, the Buffalo Bills are still crappy at football and nobody has the slightest idea what the heck online reputation management is and why it’s important.  Here are 5 basic questions I’ve found myself answering a lot lately.  


1. Who needs online reputation management?

Everyone from Fortune 500 companies to small town businesses and individuals can benefit from online reputation management. Whether it be to showcase new skills, boost a small business’s online footprint or help to minimize the diffusion of out of date or harmful information.


2. What can I do on my own?

It’s important to create a thoughtful and well maintained online presence.  Only post industry specific content on profiles that can be easily accessible to the outside world, avoid rants on hot button topics and avoid online meltdowns.  Remember to stay on brand. For instance, if the social media outlet you’re using allows you to choose a user name, don’t pick something cheesy like “KittenFanatic” unless you’re in a cat related profession.


3. Why is what I do online important?

The Internet is a very powerful research tool and most transactions begin with a search.  Whether it be an employer researching a prospective hire or a consumer trying to find a new place to get dinner, negative information can be made easily available for anyone looking.  

At the same time, your online reputation can create great opportunities for presenting accolades and achievements.  Just because you don’t have a scandal or bad review doesn’t mean you’re always putting your best brand out there.


4. Where does the bad information go?

While it is nearly impossible to delete information from the Internet completely, there are many ways to minimize the effects of negative information and maximize the exposure of your positive achievements.  Online reputation management companies often seek to move any negative or false information from page one of a Google search and replace it with true, positive information. The negative links get pushed to page 2, where searches rarely venture. It’s like the Siberia of search results. 


5. How do I know I need help?

Google yourself or your business. Did you get the results you were hoping for?  Is there something you don’t like about the results?  Understand that everyone makes mistakes; there’s a service for fixing broken cell phone screens in every mall because to err is human nature. We’re here to help repair the cracks in your online image.


If your Google results make you want to break something, relax, take a deep breath and do something about it. Contact us today and lets discuss how to improve your online reputation.