3 Tips to Prepare Your Online Reputation Before Your Post-College Job Search

by Steven Skrzypek, Content Creation Specialist


For college students, spring is a busy time. Schedules are filled with midterms, spring break plans, and no shortage of warm weather distractions. For graduating seniors springtime brings a particular stressor. As the realization that entering the professional job market is only a few months away sets in, many seniors begin seeking advice for their resumes and cover letters in preparation for their post-graduation job searches. While a well-crafted CV can get you in the door, modern employers additionally Google prospective hires… what will they see when they look up your name? Don’t sell yourself short by failing to use all the tools at your disposal when crafting a personal brand. Here are three things college seniors should keep in mind as they prepare their online reputations for their upcoming job search.


1. LinkedIn 

A LinkedIn profile that effectively markets your skills and training includes a well written self summary, detailed descriptions of past jobs and experiences and a well done, professional looking profile picture. Hiring managers will check LinkedIn profiles throughout the process and a well-curated page can be the difference between a job offer and a “we went with another candidate” email. Take LinkedIn seriously and grow your network, add professors, classmates, former coworkers… anyone who knows you enough to endorse your professional skills.


2. Privacy Lockdown

While the point of social media is to interact with your peers, having the final say on what your friends are allowed to post to your Facebook wall is incredibly important. Ratcheting down privacy settings can keep prying eyes away from whatever’s on your Wall, but keep in mind that your privacy settings don’t hide your Facebook likes or comments on public pages. Before you post anything public, make sure you’re comfortable with your comments being brought up in an interview.


3. Create a digital portfolio

While you’re searching for a job it’s important to view the process as your job. Spend the time to create a digital portfolio of your work. This doesn’t just apply to Art and English majors. Creating a website or blog allows you to show your personality and creativity. These pages can be used to host presentations, papers, and reaction to industry specific news or events. Curating a personal website allows you to stand out in a sea of prospective candidates and shows hiring managers that you take your job field and skills seriously.


College is a time for adventures, new experiences, and sometimes mistakes. If you’re not comfortable with what potential employers may find when they search your name, contact Status Labs today and we’ll discuss options you can take to better manage your online reputation.