“How am I supposed to hit my quota with all this uncertainty in the world?” is something every salesperson in the world across every industry is currently asking themselves. Even the most experienced, successful sales execs can’t rely on their tried and true methods in order to keep the sales coming in. Or can they? 

Navigating the sales cycle during the Coronavirus pandemic is uncharted territory for every salesperson in the entire world. We all need to be cognizant of the situation at hand but the world doesn’t stop turning. Below are several tips to keep in mind as you are conducting business during the Coronavirus era. 

Don’t give up on prospecting! In fact, prospect even more

Just because you listen to the news and read that the world is on fire, doesn’t mean prospecting should take a back seat. We are resilient and there will be an end to this “new norm” and we will come out stronger on the other side. So, make sure you are in front of those businesses that might not be able to spend now, but down the line when it makes sense to do so. Establish those relationships so you are set up for the near future. 

Focus on Thriving Industries

As tough as it is to say with so many individuals, families, and businesses suffering right now, there is a massive untapped market of companies that might not have been a good candidate for your services but have experienced large and fast growth during this pandemic. Don’t be afraid to congratulate them on their success and determine where you can help. On the flip side, avoid those that are experiencing the brunt of this economic downturn. Business segments to focus efforts on right now include but are not limited to digital based products, tele-health, at home entertainment, at home exercise, big pharma, household brands, and wholesale consumer goods. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Pick Up The Phone

We’re all guilty of it. Sending an email and hoping a prospect gets back to us. This is a perfect opportunity to call current and prospective clients. Everyone is at home and probably welcoming of some human interaction. Try to make two calls a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon to simply say Hi to a current/prospective client and see how they are doing. No need to sell them on anything, just let them know you’re thinking of them and there to help anyway you can. Keep track of who you called during this time. This will be a fun exercise to see who reaches back out later when they need your services. 

Discount (if it makes sense to do so)

Budgets are tight right now and you’re certainly hearing a lot of “We need to put this on the back burner until next quarter to see how this all shakes out”. By no means am I saying you should be offering your product/service at a discounted rate to everyone but if you have already established a relationship with your prospective client, discussed pricing, etc. lowering pricing might help move the needle to close the sale in the now. Budget is typically the main hurdle during the sales process so showing that you are willing to give the client a break, especially in these uncertain times, shows you are doing everything you possibly can to help with their immediate needs. There’s a reason they were talking to you before the pandemic hit, a little nudge might remind them there is no time like the present to still move forward.

About the Author

James Barndt is an Account Management Director at Status Labs. He’s originally from Houston, but spent most of his childhood in Lagos, Nigeria, and Islamabad, Pakistan. This experience gives him a worldly perspective when working with clients all across the globe. He still loves to travel internationally any chance he can. Other hobbies include exploring Austin via bicycle in search of the perfect deli sandwich, attempting to learn every Motown song on guitar, and solving Lone Star beer bottle cap puzzles.

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