Crisis communications and PR have never been more ever-changing. These days we receive a lot of questions from clients and business owners curious about what to do if they are ever the subject of a tweet from President Trump.

So we got our reputation experts together to create a guide aimed to help companies prepare their responses, while also putting them at ease. We are excited to announce the release of our newest white paper “The Definitive Guide for Responding to a Trump Tweet” in order to provide communications pros and CEOs crucial tips to utilize in case they indeed are the next unexpected target of a Trump tweet.

In recent months, President Trump has drawn critical media attention to several corporations by singling them out on his Twitter account. The business’ reputations and stock values have suffered as a result of a single tweet.

Take a look at Boeing for example. After Trump tweeted publicly questioning the price of the new Air Force One, Boeing’s stock dropped nearly $2 per share.

When Trump criticized General Motors in a tweet for manufacturing their Fuse model in Mexico in order to avoid taxes, their stock suffered a one percent drop – nearly $250 million.

So how can companies prepare in the case that they become the subject of a Trump tweet? Our white paper serves as a guide offering proactive steps to prepare any communications team for exactly that. Find it here.