by Amy Bray, Content Creation Specialist


What is it you search for most? I know I am addicted to searching for things to buy. I may never actually purchase the items, but every time I type “new tech devices” or “best camping tools,” Google will bring me exactly what I want. And while the exact number of times I search for a certain object is generally between Google and myself, what I’m looking for still plays a big role in how the search engine works overall.

Last week, Google released the top search terms of 2015. The New York Times points out that the results show a pattern: people are searching for gossip and scandal. The article states that these results prove when searching online, people “were less interested in being uplifted than being distracted, preferably by something scandalous.”

It’s not surprising that people want dirt on celebrities, politicians, and athletes– but did you realize America’s search habits may have an effect on your own personal online reputation? Google is a product aimed to make money and please its consumers. If searchers want scandal, that means Google will provide it– no matter the topic. If there is any dirt out there on you, there’s a good chance of it showing up when people search for you name or business. And one bad link is on your page 1 can severely damage your online reputation.

Do your Google results accurately reflect you or your business? Or has Google’s preference to dirt and gossip marred your page 1? If you’re suffering from the latter, contact us today. We have several options that can help you take control of your online reputation and curate a Google page 1 you can be proud of.